Structural Fabrication & Piping

  • Structural Fabrication & Piping Services
  • In-situ fabrication works
  • To carry structural fabrication works
  • To carry piping works of both MS & SS upto 12" dia.

Hot & cold insulation

  • To carry Hot / Cold insulation work with materials
  • To carry Hot / Cold insulation work without materials

Repair & Maintenance services

  • Supply of Skilled Man Power ( Welders/ Cutters /Grinders/ Fabricators/supervisors/ HSE personnel)
  • Repair & Maintenance of equipment like generators, pumps, panels etc.,

Electrical & Instrumentation works

  • To carry Electrical & Instrumentation cabling, routing, panel termination, testing and commissioning
  • Supply of Skilled Man Power (Electricians, site engineers, commissioning engineers/ HSE personnel)

Drilling Support

  • Integrated Base Management Solutions
  • O&M of Liquid Mud Plants upto 15000 BBL capacity
  • Rental Of material Handling Equipment
  • Mobile Effluent Treatment Plant (METP) Services
  • Offshore vessel Tank Cleaning Services
  • Cellar Pit Cleaning services
  • Solid Control & Filtration Services
  • Man Power Supply Services

Agency Services

  • Vessel Entry, Inward, Outward clearances
  • Port-customs clearances
  • Material inward-outward permissions
  • Crew sign-on / sign-off
  • Filing of shipping bills
  • Cellar Pit Cleaning services
  • PHO clearences
  • Transport, Logistics & Stevedoring services

Warehouse and shore base management

  • Renting of Open/Closed Warehouse Space
  • Setting Up and management Of Shore Base facilities for the clients
  • Integrated shore base management solutions
  • Skilled and semi - skilled man power supply

Testing & Calibration

  • Pressure Calibration (In House & Onsite) Gauges, Chart Recorders, Transducers etc. - Pressure (0-30,000 Psi) @ Accuracy 0.1% & (-0.85 to 40 bar) @ Accuracy 0.05%.
  • Hydro testing (In House & Onsite) For Hoses, Pipelines, Chiksans, Sample Bottles etc. - Pressure (Up to 30,000 Psi)
  • Air Operated Liquid Pumps (Haskel, Hydratron, Resato etc.) - Service, Repair, Testing & Certification.
  • Safety Valve Calibration (PSV, POSV etc.) - Service, Repair, Testing & Certification
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Temperature Calibration & Testing services.

Equipment hiring

  • Compressors - Generic, Rig Safe, Zone 2 categories
  • Generators upto 400 KVA
  • Cranes / fork Lifts / Hydra etc
  • Trucks / Trailers / Multi axle trailers
  • Bunk houses / porta cabins
  • Cargo baskets, skips, container
  • High pressure testing pumps, pressure gauges, temp gauges, chart recorders etc.
  • Mud Coolers
  • Drilling fluid equipment's
  • Water Treatment system
  • Decanters /separators/ transfer Systems
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Mud Mill / Roller Mil
  • Oil Recovery equipment
  • Sludge De-Watering
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Solids Control
  • Any other equipment as required

Other Services

  • Supply of Man Power (Skilled/Semi Skilled)
  • Procurement Support Activities
  • Repair & Maintenance Services
  • Freighting air and sea shipments
  • Renting of Open/closed warehouse space
  • Renting of Office space & admin support services
  • Meet & Greet
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Expat local travel arrangements
  • Project office setup support services
  • Staff conveyance/transportation arrangements
  • Guest house support services

Tank cleaning including & waste management

  • Off shore vessels and Rigs - Mud tanks, Brine tanks, Dry bulk tanks and Pipelines onboard and inside tanks
  • Onshore Mud plants and OBM tank
  • Crude Oil Storage Tanks upto 50000 CuM capacity
  • MEG Tanks

Sludge Process, Recovery & Separation of waste

  • MEG product sludge process recovery of valuable MEG and separation of TSS and Moisture/Water
  • Crude oil sludge process recovery of valuable oil and separation of solids and moist

Effluent treatment Reuse Recycle & Minimise Waste for disposal

  • Mobile ETP services at Drilling sites for treatment of drilling waste water for reuse and circulation
  • Mobile ETP services for sludge ponds for recovery and treatment of waster water for reuse and disposal
  • Drilling cutting waste treatment , recovery of products and minimise water

Equipment hiring along with O&M services

  • Dual Pod and Single Pod filtration units for drilling fluids onshore and offshore along with experienced crew for operation and maintenance at drilling sites and offshore drilling rigs
  • Shearing unit for offshore drilling support
  • DSTEAM GENERATORS with Zone 1 / Zone 2 certification for utilisation in WELL TEST along with experienced crew for O&M
  • AIR COMPRESSSORS with Zone 1 / Zone 2 certification for utilisation in WELL TEST along with experienced crew for O&M
  • Diesel Generators from 10 KVA to 500 KVA with experienced crew for operation and maintenance
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic operated FILTER PRESS for offshore and onshore sites

Design & Fabrication and Supply of specialized equipment

  • Design, supply, erection, commissioning various types of filtrations systems in collaboration with M/s SS Technomark, Hyderabad.
  • Design, supply, erection, commissioning of Strainer baskets and process skids in collaboration with M/s SGK Techno Ventures, Hyderabad.
  • Support structures and complete support frames installation of ROV on board Rigs

NDT Services

  • Advanced NDT services for equipment and pipe line management In collaboration with our technical partners - Through Arise Global, Singapore.

Operation of Plants

  • Operation and Maintenance of MUD plants for drilling
  • Operation and Maintenance of Bulk plants for drilling
  • Operation and Maintenance of ETP

Repairs & Refurbication of specialized equipment

  • Decanters and Centrifuges for offshore and onshore drilling services
  • OFiltration units Dual Pod, Single Pod and Filter press for drilling services
  • Pumps
  • Generators
  • Vertical Cutting Dryers